Satellite passes prediction over the GMRT antennas

This tool  searches for the artifitial satellites, which  will  pass  over   the  GMRT 
antennas/source during the observing run in the region  specified by radius  and  time
window. Here only the pre selected satellites are searched which transmitt at the GMRT
frequency bands. It is also possible to check for any custom satellite if it's TLE are 
available online ( without it's frequency information ). This tool calculates  present
passes, future passes ( for next 15 days only ) and past passes (back up to Feb 2016). 
For custom satellite only present passes are possible.  The  free   updated  satellite 
orbital parameters (TLE) for calculations are used from the websites 
list of pre selected satellites

Observing date time    (IST)    : 
Total observing time   (hours)  :
Lower elevation limit  (degree) :
Sepration angle/radius (degree) :(minium angular distance between source and satellite)
Observing Frequency Band (MHz)  :(only for pre selected satellites)
Select Satellite(s)             :
Enter Satellite NORAD ID        : (only for custom satellite)
Enter the source coordinates in to the box(below):
Source       RA            Dec           Epoch

Source(s) and satellite(s) paths in AZ-EL plane at GMRT